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Our Story #theproofisinthecup

In the Beginning #GoodBeanCoffee

GoodBean is a love story.  There is no better way to describe us.  Love for each other, love of coffee, love of neighbor, love of a simpler life.

Our story began thirty years ago leaving the big city to sit on top of a Rocky Mountain and contemplate what next.  Ten-foot snow drifts until June was not in the story so we headed west.  Driving endlessly around the Pacific Northwest looking for a place to land afforded time to think…and think and think some more.  Interestingly enough, we couldn’t stop thinking about coffee until one day a place called Jacksonville, Oregon crossed our path.  We were home. We continued to think about coffee.

GoodBean is special.  Every coffee business says the same thing but we truly are.  Ask our customers and our competition.  That’s the real test, the proof in the cup.  The proof is always in the cup.  Our coffeehouses are always packed, our coffee flies off the shelves in grocery stores and restaurant patrons ask for us when they dine out.  We’re special.

Being special is not an accident. We do it right and different.  That is why.  We roast coffee unlike 99% of other roasters.  Really.  GoodBean roasts good coffee on a bed of hot air.  That’s right.  It’s call fluidized-bed roasting.  It’s loud.  It’s unique.  It’s exact.  It’s efficient.  Most importantly, it’s consistent.  And we like our coffee consistent, don’t we?  Consistently good, that is.

We’re special because we make a difference.  We make a difference in the lives of our people and our community.  We’re intentional about doing well in everything we do.  We’re intentional about being good and allowing light to shine.  We’ll continue to do this until our last breath.


Michael and Mary Kell